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* Long Sequencing Reads (Up to 20 kb)
* Up to 500+ Mbp per SMRTcell
* Draft Assembly Included
* Base Modification Detection Analysis Available
* $645 per PacBio Library & $495 per SMRTcell
* Discounts for Orders ≥ 8 SMRTcells

seq-001Illumina HiSeq2000:

* Many Library Applications (RNA, DNA, Nextera Mate-Pair, smRNA, NuGen, Bisulfite, ect.)
* Several Readlength Options
* ~180+ Million Reads per HiSeq Lane
* Discounts for Full Flow-cell (7 Lane) Projects


* Genome and Transcriptome SNP and Small Indel Discovery
* RNA-Seq Expression Analysis
* De novo Transcript Assembly and Annotation
* PacBio Genomic Assembly
* PacBio Base Modification Detection Analysis
* Hybrid Short/Long Read Genome Assemblies

* Experimental Design Assistance
* Collaborations on Grants and Contracts
* Research & Development


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