Pacific Biosciences (PacBio®) Sequencing

PacBio® Certified Service Provider sequencing services using the PacBio RSII Instrument.

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PacBio RS II:  We are very pleased to announce the RSII upgrade of our PacBio instrument.  Subsequent runs indicate that we are far exceeding SMRTCell output specifications and have achieved these results with excellent samples and libraries (as output can vary depending on sample quality and organism):

   o  > 50,000 reads
   o  4-hour movies: 500 - 1000Mbp, 6-hour movies: 700 - 1200Mbp
   o  10 - 15kb avg read length (for size selected libraries)
   o  Up to 80kb max read length

PacBio Applications:

•   De Novo Assembly: NCGR can provide optimized draft DNA assemblies.

•  RNA Sequencing: NCGR can produce full-length transcripts without assembly. (

•   Base Modification Identification: Using real-time kinetic data to characterize genetic regulation and DNA damage. (

This makes our PacBio sequencing an even more versatile asset for a wide range of genomics projects. 

Library prep protocol

Sample Input required

Number of SMRTCells supported

DNA 35kb (size-selected)


up to 40

DNA 20kb (size-selected)



DNA 10kb (non size-select)


≤ 20

DNA Amplicon


≤ 50

RNA IsoSeq

≤ 9ug for 3 size bins & 8 cells

inquire to discuss experiment goals

MagBead: PacBio MagBead provides more reads at longer lengths.

Table Note: The standard result estimates outlined in the table above are based on output averages of several different projects and are to be used as a guideline. Individual project results may vary as they are highly dependent on sample quality. 

Quality Control: NCGR is committed to providing the best possible library prep and sequencing results for every sample we process. NCGR QC-tests all samples via Qubit (quantity) and Bioanalyzer and/or field inversion gel electrophoresis (quality). 

Sequencing Chemistry: Being CS-Pro certified, NCGR offers the latest PacBio sequencing chemistry.