NCGR Publications - 2002

QTL Mapping in Plant Breeding Populations.
Beavis W. 2002.
US Patent (US 6399855 B1).

ISYS (Integrated SYStem): A platform for integrating heterogeneous bioinformatic resources.
Gessler D. 
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Expanding the genetic map of maize with the intermated B73 x Mo17 (IBM) population.
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Rate and pattern of mutation at microsatellite loci in maize.
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The Medicago Genome Initiative: improved analysis, annotation, storage and retrieval of model legume data.
Waugh M, Anderson W, Bell C, Inman J, Schilkey F, Sullivan J, May, GD
Nucleic Acids Research.

The Phytophthora Genome Consortium database: significant advances in automated analysis and annotation to support distributed pathogenomic research.
Waugh M, Tyler B, Mitchell T, Houfek T, Dean R, Anderson W, Inman J, Schilkey F, Sullivan J and Bell C. 
Nucleic Acids Research.