NCGR Publications - 2003

Mapping quantitative trait loci in plant breeding populations: use of parental haplotype sharing.
Jansen R, Jannink J, Beavis W.
Crop Science 43: 829-834. 

The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR): a model organism database providing a centralized, curated gateway to Arabidopsis biology, research materials and community.
Rhee S, Beavis W, Berardini T, Chen G, Dixon D, Doyle A, Garcia-Hernandez M, Huala E, Lander G, Montoya M, Miller N, Mueller L, Mundodi S, Reiser L, Tacklind J, Weems D, Wu Y, Xu I, Yoo D, Yoon J, Zhang P. 2003.
Nucleic Acids Research 31:224. 

EST-Based Discovery in Pig: Virtual Expression Patterns and Comparative Mapping to Human.
Tuggle C, Green J, Fitzsimmons C, Woods R, Prather R, Malchenko S, Bento-Soares M, Kucaba T, Crouch K, Smith C, Tack D, Robinson N, O’Leary B, Scheetz T, Casavant T, Pomp D, Edeal J, Zhang Y, Rothschild M, Garwood K, Beavis W.
Mammalian Genome 14: 565-579.

The BioMOBY project explores open-source, simple, extensible protocols for enabling biological database Interoperability.
Wilkinson M, Gessler D, Farmer A, Stein L. 2003.  
Proc Virt Conf Genom and Bioinf (3):16-26. (ISSN 1547-383X).  

Decreased energy levels can cause and sustain obesity.
Wlodek D, Gonzales M.  
Journal of Theoretical Biology. 2003. 225:33-44.