NCGR Publications - 2006

Genetics and functional genomics of legume nodulation.
Stacey G, Libault M, Brechenmacher L, Wan J, May GD (2006).
Curr. Opin. Plant Biol. 9(2):110-21 PMID: 16458572 [Abstract

Tall fescue genomic SSR markers: development and transferability across multiple grass species.
Saha MC, Cooper JD, Mian MA, Chekhovskiy K, May GD,(2006).
Theor. Appl. Genet. 113(8):1449-58. PMID: 16947059 [Abstract]

Sequencing Medicago truncatula expressed sequenced tags using 454 Life Sciences technology.
Cheung F, Haas BJ, Goldberg SM, May GD, Xiao Y, Town CD (2006). 
BMC Genomics. 7:272. PMID: 17062153 [Abstract] [Full Text

Legume genome evolution viewed through the Medicago truncatula and Lotus japonicus genomes.
Cannon SB, Sterck L, Rombauts S, Sato S, Cheung F, Gouzy J, Wang X,Mudge, J, Vasdewani J, Schiex T, Spannagl M, Monaghan E, Nicholson C, Humphray SJ, Schoof H, Mayer KF, Rogers J, Quétier F, Oldroyd GE, Debellé F, Cook DR, Retzel EF, Roe BA, Town CD, Tabata S, Van de Peer Y, Young ND. (2006).
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Oct 3;103(40):14959-64. Epub 2006 Sep 26. Erratum in: Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Nov 21;103(47):18026. Scheix, Thomas [corrected to Schiex, Thomas].

SoyMap: an integrated map of soybean for resolution and dissection of multiple genome duplication events.
Jackson SA, Wing RA, Stacey G, May GD, Shoemaker RC (2006).
Soybean Gen. Newsletter. Vol 37. [Abstract]

Scientific Software Development Is Not an Oxymoron.
Baxter SM, Day SW, Fetrow JS, Reisinger S (2006).
PLoS Comput Biol 2(9): e87. PMID: 16965174 [Full Text]

Cytokine Expression Patterns Associated with Systemic Adverse Events following Smallpox Immunization.
McKinney BA, Reif DM, Rock MT, Edwards KM, Kingsmore SF, Moore JH, Crowe JE Jr. (2006).
The Journal of infectious diseases. 194(4):444-53. PMID: 16845627 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Public health. A National Tuberculosis Archive.
Gessler D, Dye C, Farmer P, Murray M, Navin T, Reves R, Shinnick T, Small PM, Yates T, Simpson G. (2006).
Science. 311(5765):1245-6. PMID: 16513968 [Abstract] [Full Text]

Population cohort associating chorioamnionitis, cord inflammatory cytokines and neurologic outcome in very preterm, extremely low birth weight infants.
Kaukola T, Herva R, Perhomaa M, Pääkkö E, Kingsmore S, Vainionpää L, Hallman M. (2006).
Pediatr Res. 2006 Mar 59(3):478-83 PMID: 16492993 [Abstract] [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

Sepsis progression and outcome: a dynamical model. Theoretical biology & medical modelling
Zuev SM, Kingsmore SF, Gessler DD. (2006).
[electronic resource]. 3(1):8. PMID: 16480490 [Full Text]

Multiplexed protein measurement: Technologies and Applications of Antibody Arrays.
Kingsmore SF
Nat Rev Drug Discovery 2006 PMID: 16582876

Phytophthora functional genomics database (PFGD): functional genomics of phytophthora-plant interactions.
Gajendran K, Gonzales MD, Farmer A, Archuleta E, Win J, Waugh ME, Kamoun S. (2006).
Nucleic acids research. 34(Database issue):D465-70. PMID: 16381913 [Full Text]

Sepsis progression and outcome: a dynamical model.
Zuev SM, Kingsmore SF, Gessler DD (2006).
Theoretical biology & medical modelling. Feb 15;3:8. PMID: 16480490

Deconstruction, Reconstruction, and Ontogenesis for Large, Monolithic, Legacy Ontologies in Semantic Web Service Applications.
DDG Gessler, Joslyn CA, Verspoor KM, Schmidt SE (2006).
Los Alamos Technical Report 06-5859

Distributed Representations of Bio-Ontologies for Semantic Web Services.
Joslyn CA, DDG Gessler, SE Schmidt, KM Verspoor (2006).
Joint BioLINK and 9th Bio-Ontologies Meeting Joint BioLINK and 9th Bio-Ontologies Meeting (JBB 06), ISMB 06

The Plant Genome Databases Working Group. Plant Biology Databases: A Needs Assessment.
Stein L, Beavis W, Gessler D, Rhee S, Rokhsar D, Main D, Mueller L, Huala E, Lawrence C (2005).
Commissioned report by the National Science Foundation. Available at

Resulted in the publication: Stein L, Beavis W, Gessler D, Rhee S, Rokhsar D, Main D, Mueller L, Huala E, Lawrence C The Plant Genome Database Working Group. Save our Data! (2006) The Scientist 20(4): 24-25