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Bioinformatics Workshops

Differential Gene Expression Workshop

In this 1-week workshop, we focus on a particular analysis area. For example, in the popular Differential gene Expression (DE) workshop, we teach students the skill-set to independently analyze RNA-Seq data using the command line interface, analytical workflows and current DE tools. As part of the course, we cover UNIX fundamentals, data QC, alignments, read count generation, featureCounts and pathway analysis.

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Multi-Omic Bioinformatics Intensive

In this multi-topic course, we teach students UNIX and cover other analysis areas such as assembly, differential gene expression, variant detection, metagenomics and visualization methods. As with all our workshops, we work with students as a group and individually to ensure their success.

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Pan-Genomics Workshop

In this 1-week workshop, students will be introduced to the concept of the pan-genome and receive instruction on how to analyze these data. Topics will include relevant UNIX skills, pan-genome representation and construction, visualization, and pan-genome analysis. Analysis topics will include read-mapping, alignment, variant/haplotype calling and annotation.

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About NCGR

The National Center for Genome Resources is a not-for-profit research institute that innovates, collaborates, and educates in the field of genomic data science. As leaders in DNA sequence analysis, we partner with government, industry, and academia to drive biological discovery in all kingdoms of life. We deliver value through expertise in experimental design, software, computation, data integration and training a skilled workforce.



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