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Legume Information System

LIS contains agronomically useful information in legume species, including genome sequences, genetic maps, genes, gene families, and mapped traits. The "legumeinfo" site makes use of several open-source projects (Intermine, Tripal, Chado, GBrowse, JBrowse, and many others), facilitating more efficient collaboration with other research groups using and developing these tools.


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    Legume Information System  Legume Federation  PeanutBase  Medicago HapMap Project 
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    Legume Information System  Legume Federation 
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    Legume Information System  Legume Federation  PeanutBase 
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    Legume Information System  Legume Federation 
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    Genome Context Viewer: visual exploration of multiple annotated genomes using microsynteny
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    Legume Information System  Legume Federation 
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    Legume Information System 
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    Legume Information System  Legume Federation 
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    Legume Information System  Legume Federation 
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    Legume Information System  Legume Federation  PeanutBase 
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    Legume Information System 

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