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National Center for Genome Resources

Genomic data science and education for a better world


NCGR's faculty conduct research across a broad range of topics at the forefront of genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics.

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NCGR offers a variety of bioinformatics services, including analysis, custom pipelines, data visualization and on-site computing resources.

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Some problems require novel software solutions. NCGR has a long history of developing algorithms and implementing pragmatic, innovative software for bioinformatic analyses.

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Education is a fundamental component of NCGR's mission. NCGR offers a variety of education opportunities and training services.

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  • NCGR’s work is foundational in the success of legume genomics and bioinformatics today. NCGR provides the community with the essential tools to explore genomes, visualize features, compare species, integrate data, federate partners, and enable crop improvement.

    Nevin Young, Ph.D., Distinguished McKnight University Professor at University of Minnesota
  • NCGR was a key collaborator in the Marine Microbial Eukaryote Transcriptome Sequencing Project (MMETSP) funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. This project dramatically expanded our knowledge of expressed genes across the eukaryotic Tree of Life, providing much-needed information on many previously unrepresented or underrepresented protistan species and lineages.

    David A. Caron, Ph.D, Captain Allan Hancock Endowed Chair in Marine Sciences at the Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southern California
  • For over 20 years, NCGR has been the leading institution for legume bioinformatics. They have both kept pace with and in many cases led new developments in bioinformatics. Along the way, NCGR staff and scientists have provided critical infrastructure, trained and thoughtful minds, and most importantly a keen and genuine desire to contribute to advancing legume genomics through interaction with the global community of legume scientists.

    Douglas Cook, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Plant Pathology, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at UC Davis
  • NCGR has been a great collaborator in supporting Takeda's tetravalent dengue vaccine (TDV) program: Their expertise in bioinformatics and sequencing resulted in a very productive collaboration with excellent results.

    About NCGR

    The National Center for Genome Resources is a not-for-profit research institute that innovates, collaborates, and educates in the field of genomic data science. As leaders in DNA sequence analysis, we partner with government, industry, and academia to drive biological discovery in all kingdoms of life. We deliver value through expertise in experimental design, software, computation, data integration and training a skilled workforce.



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