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Bioinformatics Training

We offer both standard and custom instruction to small and large classroom sizes. In both cases, students learn how to independently analyze a dataset.


We currently offer 1-week training modules in the following areas. Analysis is primarily done through the Linux command line. A Linux primer is included with all modules.

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We can provide custom training in all of our Bioinformatics areas from concepts, foundations through advanced analysis work.
Please contact us at info@ncgr.org to learn more.

About NCGR

The National Center for Genome Resources is a not-for-profit research institute that innovates, collaborates, and educates in the field of genomic data science. As leaders in DNA sequence analysis, we partner with government, industry, and academia to drive biological discovery in all kingdoms of life. We deliver value through expertise in experimental design, software, computation, data integration and training a skilled workforce.



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