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NCGR's History

For 25 years NCGR has been at the forefront of studying DNA with computers. With crucial support from Senator Pete Domenici (R-NM), NCGR was founded in 1994 as an independent non-profit, with the mission of providing software and database support for the Department of Energy's Human Genome Project at Los Alamos National Laboratory. NCGR occupies a purpose built 32,000 square foot facility completed in 2000. The focus of NCGR’s research has changed over the years but our overall goals have remained consistent, which is to do independent research and to provide community software support for the study of genes and genomes in all domains of life, including genomic medicine and agricultural science. From 2008-2018 NCGR operated the New Mexico Genome Center. Launched with the support of Governor Bill Richardson and the New Mexico Legislature, the Genome Center established NCGR’s reputation in sequencing technologies as well as in the analysis of sequence data. In 2018, in response to changing forces in the sequencing market, NCGR chose to focus again exclusively on data analytics.

In its twenty-five year history, NCGR has demonstrated a track record of successful software, bioinformatics and research collaborations and has an impressive record of publications in high-impact journals. NCGR has ongoing scientific impact in Genomic Data Science related to agricultural and forestry organisms, model systems, human biology, ecologically important organisms, and in the rapidly-developing field of the microbiome.

About NCGR

The National Center for Genome Resources is a not-for-profit research institute that innovates, collaborates, and educates in the field of genomic data science. As leaders in DNA sequence analysis, we partner with government, industry, and academia to drive biological discovery in all kingdoms of life. We deliver value through expertise in experimental design, software, computation, data integration and training a skilled workforce.



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